About us

Solution Audio started in 1999 as Solution Guitars. I repaired guitars, basses, and amps without any experience other than experimenting with my own gear and a few brave (or dumb) friends gear. I bought actual books since the internet did not have the plethora of info it has today and I used my Dad's wood shop. Slowly buying the tools I needed along the way, I gradually built my own shop. Recovering an old Vox Royal Guardsman


This was always a side hustle and secondary to my main job as a Paramedic in Riverside County, CA. I did pickup swaps, setups, and other minor tech work on my off days. I did this until 2011, when I seriously tried to get a tech gig or apprenticeship anywhere close to me. 


Finally, in December of 2012, I found a local boutique bass builder and pickup winder. I went down and spent an hour or two talking and listening to one of the most creative and technically adept builders in the industry, Carey Nordstrand. Turns out he needed help in the pickup winding shop. That first day blew my mind. CNC pickup winders, a laser cutter and several ultra high-end boutique basses that we could play on our breaks. I wound 40 pickups that day. 


I worked among giants and learned as much as I could about the industry, electronics, and pickup design. I quit my job as a paramedic in 2014 and started to manage the crew of 4 other winders and a couple helpers full-time. I was able to step away from production and start to help design pickups. I have worked on designs for Ibanez, ESP, Sadowsky, and many many boutique builders.

We also started an effect pedal line Called Rocket Surgeon and I was able to get a crazy fuzz I designed out into the world as the Seratone Bass Fuzz. Around this time I also started to wind my own pickups under Solution Audio. 


I worked and experimented aggressively with audio electronics for the next few years.

Breadboard Seratone


I moved my own operation to Tennessee from California in mid 2021 and bought a laser machine with the intention to provide hobbyist and professional builders alike with high quality flatwork. I have wound thousands of pickups and I understand what I like and what I don't, so I pass that experience on to you. I hope you like the parts and they bring you and your customers a smile.

Three Strats